Founded in 1936 by the family of Mrs. Laudy Geara Khoury within the Mar Mikhaël parish, Al Chafaka is one of the oldest registered charities in Lebanon. Al Chafaka was born to support neighbors in need in Mar Mikhaël and surrounding areas.

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Al Chafaka strives to support vulnerable individuals & families by providing assistance in complete confidentiality to ensure a life with dignity.

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Al Chafaka is active today in Mar Mikhaël, Getaoui and Qarantina, and carries out three types of activities:

  • Regular support: donations of essentials such as F&B, medication and school bills
  • Major distributions: big campaigns led during Christmas and Easter
  • Social activities: various impactful events throughout the year
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Most of our interventions and distributions are supported by private donors.
Your contribution will help provide food & home supplies, treat, educate and empower individuals and families.



If you are interested in supporting our team on the ground by participating and contributing to projects here in Lebanon, you are most welcome to apply!



“Volunteering with Al Chafaka has been such a joyful experience. I have supported the team in organizing and executing multiple fundraising social events. All members collaborate hand in hand and always focus actions towards achieving the mission of helping households in need. Helping Al Chafaka made me feel that I can give back to my community, supporting the people who were also once active members of society.”

Adriana Namour

“My experience with Al Chafaka was memorable, the team is like a family, and all members work genuinely for families and individuals.
Working with pure dedication to the charity’s mission, the team has drawn solid trust from a growing sphere of contributors in Lebanon. I supported the charity on multiple major distributions, handling the food packaging. Conducting distributions and visiting the households was the most heartwarming part of the experience.”

Elias El Murr

“I helped Al Chafaka on numerous occasions, and particularly during Christmas events. Spending time with families in need is nothing short of a humbling experience. In such a fast-paced society, it is easy to forget how much the things we take for granted impact our daily lives. Coming to this realization and trying to make that same impact on the community is a very fulfilling mission and makes one appreciate the little things in life.”

Marc Saade